Strategies for handling wicked problems


Extensive experience of change initiatives based on leading, motivating and organizing activities towards increased value and efficiency.

Knowledge about the business, the leader and the human being.

The quality of our work depends largely on how well we manage to unite the customer challenges and intentions with the potential we see, so it leads towards concrete improvements.

Central to our work is to create understanding and dialogue and to contribute to concrete improvements based on our customers´ strategies and intentions.

Using pragmatism, engaging methodology and a climate that benefits change.

We combine our knowledge of strategy, organization and psychology / behaviour so that organizations’ hidden values and human potential can be better realized.

Our expertise and methodology is thoroughly tested and flexible. It is continuously refined based on feedback from customers, research and other sources of information that creates value in organizations.

The understanding of managers’ complex and ambiguous responsibilities and roles is something we are constantly developing.

We assist in order to:

  • Harmonize the strategic intention to lead, motivate and organize
  • Develop leadership based on actual internal and external needs and problems
  • Create a basis for decisions about career and successionplanning

Combining methodology and experience

  • Lead abstract ideas and requirements to a place where they can create results
  • Work on the basis of individual, group and organizational level
  • Develop leadership based on current challenges
  • Clarify complex changes and how they can create greater efficiency
  • Facilitate for organizations and leaders to better see  ”the self” in relation to different situations

News & Reflections

What do our customers say about us?

Provide energy, new insights and ideas. Has in a very competent and professional way helped me to set a few targets and actions and to delegate and to follow up more effectively.

Today we are spending less time in meetings – they are fewer, more structured, focused and less frequent.

Now I am much more aware of how I react and prevent conflicts, what I do, why others do what they do and how I can make them react differently.

Today my team is more comfortable to challenge each other and we are also more strategic when discussions get sharp. It has a positive impact both on business and work.

Helped us to structure and communicate our change quality work in a way that is both engaging and easy to understand for the organization.

As new CEO I got a neutral partner with whom I could discuss competency issues connected to our new business plan and our change initiatives.